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Episode 7: Robin Van Gyn

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Professional Snowboarder Robin Van Gyn Talks Competition, Equal Pay and Representation

Today professional snowboarder Robin Van Gyn joins the podcast to discuss her love for riding big mountain lines, equal pay, and getting back into competition.

Robin has spent nearly her entire life perfecting her craft, picking up snowboarding when she was a teen. And while her career started with competition, her passion has since grown into backcountry, which opened the doors to acting in films like Full Moon and Depth Perception. Robin has nearly a dozen film credits under her belt and is now looking to the next phase of her career, which includes producing her own movies and documentaries.

She’s been called one of the most badass women in snowboarding because of her influence and boundary pushing ways. In today’s episode, Robin chats about why she wanted to transition from competitions to acting, what it took for her to find her own style, and owning her own space. Robin also talks about the never-ending battle with equal pay and shares her personal stories of what she’s done to try to right it. She also discusses the importance of having a voice and using it to speak up about equal representation, and how someone saying “no” shouldn’t stop you from following your dreams.

We also talk about:

• Competition • Filming movies

• Climate change

• Equal pay

• The future of female snowboarding


Re: Equal Pay

“In my opinion, same job, same risk, different pay, not okay. But I think more and more brands are making an effort to make it right.”

– Robin Van Gyn, Professional Snowboarder


Natural Selection Tour:


Full Moon:


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