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Episode 8: Phylicia George

Olympic Bronze Medallist Phylicia George talks self-belief, Black Lives Matter and the power of women supporting women

Today, hurdler and bobsledder Phylicia George joins the podcast to discuss being one of only a handful of dual Olympians in Canada, the power of self-belief and trusting your gut, and her take on the Black Lives Matter movement.

Phylicia is one of Canada’s most prominent female hurdlers, competing at two Olympic games in the sport, where her best result was 8th overall at the 2016 Rio Games. But it wasn’t all smooth sailing, as today, Phylicia digs deep to discuss the highs and lows of success and failure on the track.

She also talks about her transition to bobsleigh, which flipped everything she thought she knew about sports upside down. But because of her athletic ability, in just two years, she gained 20 pounds and had successfully learned the sport and won a bronze medal with bobsleigh pilot Kaillie Humphries at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics. Now, two years later, she says she’s only just transitioned back into her “track” body.

At 32, her experiences have taught her to take it one day and year at a time. They’ve also taught her the importance of believing in yourself and trusting your gut. Today Phylicia also shares the number one thing she’d like to see change for women in sports, and why women supporting women is something all of us ladies need to take more seriously. And most importantly, she discusses her views on the Black Lives Matter movement, which she feels opens a door for people of colour to share their stories without being judged.

We also talk about:

• Tokyo Olympics • Age & Training

• Weight gain and loss

• Mental strength and mindfulness

• Black Lives Matter


“While there might be a story that has been told traditionally about people of colour, that’s not our truth and that’s not our story. I feel like my role as someone who is seen, is to portray that you have the choice to show and be the person you truly are and I think in creating that, we’re also creating awareness for all people.”


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