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Episode 1: Natasha Staniszewski

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

TSN Anchor Natasha Staniszewski on Finding Equality in the Workplace

Do you find yourself in a male dominated industry and are looking for ways to be successful? Today I’m joined by TSN Sportscentre Anchor Natasha Staniszewski to talk about pursuing your passion, our love of sports, and finding equality in the workplace.

With over a decade of experience, Natasha has climbed the tv ladder all the way to top, working as an anchor at TSN since 2011 where she’s covered everything from the Grey Cup to the Winter Olympics. Prior to that she spent time at CTV Saskatoon and CTV Edmonton before making her way to Toronto.

She was a big part in starting the trend of female sports anchors, and in today’s episode she describes the pressures that go along with that, how she turned her uncertainty into confidence, and what more she thinks needs to be done for women to find true equality in the workforce.

We also talk about:

• Feeling empowered at work • The importance of pursuing your passion • How to confidently and successfully go out of your comfort zone

• Competitiveness within the industry • The Jay & Dan Show • Black Lives Matter


“As far as women have come…I still think women have to be better than the men. Sometimes, you think you’re on your own and looking out for number one because it is still so competitive.”

– Natasha Staniszewski, TSN Sportscentre Anchor


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