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Episode 4: Lysanne Richard

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

High Diver Lysanne Richard Talks Facing Her Fears, Body Image and Following Her Dreams

Today high diver extraordinaire Lysanne Richard joins the podcast to discuss her love of acrobatics, the feeling of dancing in the air, pursuing her passions and body image.

Lysanne has spent nearly her entire life perfecting her craft, first with Cirque du Soleil, then with the FINA High Diving World Cup and now on the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series tour. It’s earned her the 2016 FINA High Diving World Cup title and the 2018 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series title in Switzerland. But there’s a major difference between Lysanne and many of the other divers. She’s a mom of three in her late 30s. In today’s episode, she talks about how her training has changed over the years with age and how it relates to the sport possibly making its Olympic debut in Paris 2024.

Lysanne also chats about her ambitions and what it’s like to be a mom on tour, and the guilt that comes along with it. She says pursuing her passion has taught her children the importance of not being complacent. She also shares her struggles with body image and mental health, and how she’s overcome it with confidence.

We also talk about:

• Empowerment • Mental health, eating disorders & body image

• Age and training

• Motherhood

• Olympics


“For me the challenge is to be a high diver and a mom, because we always separate emotion. I’m excited to go in competition but I also miss them and sometimes when I’m in competition I think I shouldn’t be here I should be home and it’s really hard to manage all the feelings. But I have to remember my kids are proud of me for doing this.”

– Lysanne Richard, High Diver


Guest Info – Lysanne Richard

Instagram: @lysanne_richard

Twitter: @lysanne_richard

Facebook: Lysanne Richard (Athlete)

Website: www.lysannerichard.com

Red Bull: https://cliffdiving.redbull.com/m/en_INT/athlete/lysanne-richard

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