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Episode 6: Gemma Karstens-Smith & Harjeet Johal

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Sports Reporters Gemma Karstens-Smith and Harjeet Johal Talk About Leveling the Playing Field

Do you ever wonder what it’s like to be a female sports reporter? Today, Canadian Press Sports Reporter Gemma Karstens-Smith and Freelance Sports Reporter Harjeet Johal join the podcast to share all the behind the scenes from the job.

Both Gemma and Harjeet have years of experience in the media, where they’ve compiled a long list of teams and events they’ve both covered. But despite that, they’ve had to be at the top of their game 100% of the time in order to be considered just as good as the men in the industry. Today, both Gemma & Har discuss that pressure and the struggles that go along with it, as well as the double standard that still exists.

Gemma also shares a locker room mishap, and what it’s like to be a new mom with a big job, while Harjeet talks about being the target of bullying. Also in today’s episode: what they want to see in the future for female athletes and women in sports.

We also talk about:

• Equality • Proving your worth

• Locker room mishaps

• Motherhood

• Black Lives Matter


“People question you a lot more, they want to know that you know what you’re talking about. It is a very male oriented career path to take. You can go to a lot of training sessions and see yourself as the only female. It’s 2020 and I don’t know if it’s getting a lot better.”

-Harjeet Johal, Freelance Sports Reporter


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