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Episode 38: Olivia Rey

Olivia Rey’s inspirational story and the Wings for Life World Run

The Wings for Life World Run takes place on May 9th at the same time around the world. The goal: to outrun the so-called ‘catcher car’. It’s a fun and unique way to raise money for spinal cord injury research, something that hits close to home for this week’s guest, Olivia Rey.

Rey is a Red Bull ambassador for this year’s run and avid athlete. Five years ago, her life changed forever when she became a quadriplegic following a deadly car accident. In today’s episode, Olivia recounts the accident, explains when she was fully able to accept her injury, and shares her ambition to help others who’ve also had a spinal cord injury.

It’s an inspirational story of reliance and determination that you won’t want to miss.

Episode topics:

· Wings for Life World Run

· Olivia’s lifechanging story

· Her acceptance of injury and becoming a quadriplegic

· How she embraces new challenges, such as sit-skiing

· Her ambition to become a councillor to help other others healing from spinal cord injuries


“Anyone that has had a spinal cord injury, there’s the hole functional thing you need to try and get back, but then there’s the mental health aspect of things as well. It’s hard to be able to be ok in your head and not get super low that you don’t even want to get out of bed. So, for me, connecting with my spinal cord community, that really helped me.”

-Olivia Rey


Guest Info – Olivia Rey

Instagram: @Reyban0

Youtube: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLf4Y-1k85_Tj1txi0rM-VUNniNeAv46lI

Wings for Life World Run – May 9th


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