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Episode 37: Amanda Glazer

Talking numbers with San Francisco Giants Baseball Operations Associate Analyst Amanda Glazer

Today, Amanda Glazer, Baseball Operations Associate Analyst for the San Francisco Giants, joins #OTP to discuss how she got into sports, what her day to day includes, and why more diversity is needed in the industry.

Along with her role with the Giants, Amanda is currently working on completing her statistics PhD at U.C. Berkeley. She says combining statistics and sports wasn’t something she thought of at first, but realized it was a possibility after seeing a job posting. In this week’s episode, Amanda explains exactly what she does in a day and the creativity that goes into it.

Amanda was one of the first, if not the first female baseball analysts for the Giants and says the lack of diversity is a major issue in the stats industry. Today, she explains what can be done to change it, and how she hopes girls will see her and realize it’s something they can do too. Join us, won’t you?

Episode topics:

· Being one of the first, if not the first, female baseball analyst for the SF Giants

· What her job as a baseball operations associate analyst entails

· The lack of diversity in statistics and baseball and how it can be changed

· Breaking barriers and what she hopes to offer other women


In an industry like this, there is a lot of value in people bringing in different perspectives and ideas and approaching things in different ways, because that’s how you gain that edge advantage. So that’s been something that has been really awesome for me because I’m super encouraged to try some things that are a little out of the box, or come up with different questions or approaches. So, it’s made me a more a creative person.”

-Amanda Glazer


Guest Info – Amanda Glazer

Instagram: @pepperandrubybffs

Twitter: @pandaglazer

Host Info – Christina Heydanus

Instagram: @tinaheydanus

Twitter: @tinaheydanus

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