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Episode 35: Alysha Newman

Pole Vaulter Alysha Newman on wanting to be the best, body image, and the culture of pole vaulting.

Canadian Pole Vaulter Alysha Newman joins OTP for a candid conversation about success and struggles, the upcoming Olympic Games, and body image.

Alysha has changed the landscape of Canadian pole vaulting for women, being the first high school female athlete to jump over 4m and looking to become the first Canadian woman to jump over 5m.

She is currently training and competing in Europe to prepare for the upcoming Olympics, and says, while the delay was frustrating, it has given her time to grow as an athlete, which will hopefully lead the Olympic medal in Tokyo.

In this week’s episode, Alysha also touches on the culture of pole vaulting and why so many people enjoy watching it, as well as the additions that comes with breaking records. She also expands on the interesting way she elevates her mental game, her fear of finishing her career before she’s ready, and the impact body image has on her and other female athletes. It’s a jammed packed episode you won’t want to miss!

Episode topics:

· The culture of pole vaulting

· How hypnotism has helped her strengthen her mental game

· The controversy surrounding the delay of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

· Her fear of finishing her career before she’s done

· Body image and confidence

· How she travels with her poles


“Right now, what I do, I don’t train and go to the gym to look good. I train to be the best pole vaulter in the world. And I think a lot of athletes underestimate what we’re putting our bodies through and how our bodies look from the workouts we get from our coaches…so I think that’s what’s hard on the female side. For us, we’re put on a pedestal automatically.”


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