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Episode 32: Ellie Black

Ellie Black: Canada’s Most Successful Female Artistic Gymnast

Today, Artistic Gymnast Ellie Black joins Opening the Playbook to discuss the pressures of being the face of Gymnastics Canada, injuries and what she’s learned from them, and the importance of being body positive.

At 25 years old, Ellie has earned the title of Canada’s most successful female artistic gymnast after finishing fifth in the women’s all-around event at the 2016 Rio Olympics (the highest finish ever by a Canadian) and winning silver at the 2017 World Championships. The podium finish made her the first Canadian to ever win a world all-around medal. Today, Ellie explains the feeling of having the weight of the sport on her shoulders and why she thinks this is just the beginning of Canada’s success in the sport.

Ellie is coming off a major injury and shares how she battled back and why the postponement of the 2020 Olympics was a good thing for her. She also talks about coming from a small province (and being the first gymnast to go to the Olympics from Nova Scotia), pushing boundaries, and being confident, especially when it comes to body image.

Episode topics:

· Being the face of Gymnastics Canada and the pressures that come along with it

· Injures and what’s she’s learned from them

· Body image and how she’s proud of how far it has come in the sport

· Why she considers 2020 one of her most difficult years

· What she has in common with Sidney Crosby


“I think it’s important to keep younger girls and athletes in sport longer. Just for having a healthy lifestyle and creating a healthy body image and knowing that having muscles and being strong, that is beautiful, that is something that is so great.”

-Ellie Black


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