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Episode 31: Leylah Annie Fernandez

Tennis’ most talked about up-and-coming player Leylah Annie Fernandez

Today, tennis player Leylah Annie Fernandez joins Opening the Playbook to discuss the interesting way she got into the sport, her rapid accent up the rankings and what it was like to meet her idol, Roger Federer.

Leylah is just 18 years old, but has already made dent in the tennis world, being crowned the French Open Girls Singles champ in 2019 and winning Tennis Canada’s 2020 Female Player of the Year after a breakout year which saw her go from NO. 209th to 88th. Today, she talks about how tough it is to move up the rankings, what it likes to be a teen in the sport and the special bond between her and her dad (who’s also her coach).

Leylah also discusses meeting her idol, Roger Federer, the inspiration she gets from Andre Agassi and her love for 80s music.

Episode topics:

· The pressures that come with her rise in the tennis world

· Managing being a teen and a pro athlete

· The struggles she faced when being separated from her family due to training

· What she hopes to accomplish in the sport

· How she works on her mental game (hint, it involves Andre Agassi)


“I want to win as many grand-slams as I can and be number one in the world for years to come…I’m happy with the results I have but I want to achieve great things, I want to become a legend in the tennis world and hopefully inspire kids to play tennis and continue with their dreams.”

-Leylah Fernandez


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