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Episode 30: Kaillie Humphries

Bobsled Pilot Kaillie Humphries opens up about what led to her decision to leave Team Canada and compete for the U.S. (and the fears and fallout that came with it)

Today, bobsled Pilot Kaillie Humphries joins #OTP to discuss her harassment claim against Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton, competing with and against the men and being so dominant on the track.

Kaillie is a three-time Olympic medallist, two of which are Gold, and has landed on the podium 10 times over her 18-year career at the World Championships. In today’s episode, Kaillie talks about the unique way she got into the sport, and why she almost quit after the 2006 Games. She also discusses the differences between sliding with men and women, and why competing in mixed team made her a better pilot.

While almost all of Kaillie’s accomplishments have come while competing for Team Canada, she now slides for Team USA. The switch comes after she filed a harassment claim against Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton after falling into a deep depression following the 2018 Olympics. In today’s episode, Kaillie opens up and explains her decision, talks about the fears that came along with it, and the fallout that happened afterwards. She says the backlash she suffered wasn’t something she was prepared for, which included horrible name calling. But – although she didn’t want her career in Canada to end -- filing the claims was something she says she felt she needed to do in order for change to happen in her future.

It took about seven to eight months for Kaillie to start to feel like herself again, and in this episode, explains her timeless on getting back to her normal and how she did it. Now, her focus is on Team USA and the pressures of starting over and having to prove herself again – and shares why her second chance has allowed her to see things in a new way.

Episode topics:

· Why she almost quit the sport in 2006

· Making a harassment claim against Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton and the hurt and devastation that followed

· Starting over with Team USA

· The pressures of being a role model


“I was scared of what the repercussions were going to be, and unfortunately for me, every single fear came true, as is the reason why most athletes don’t make those claims…it can be career ending”

-Kaillie Humphries


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