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Episode 27 - Best of OTP | Cassie Campbell-Pascall

The Future of Women's Hockey with Cassie Campbell-Pascall

In this day and age, there is no more room for discrimination. Women of today now enjoy equality with men. It's about time, of course. Our future has no space for any hate or prejudice. That's why it's no surprise that women's sports are now more visible than ever. If we're talking about Canada, hockey can't be out of the discussion.

In today's episode, HNIC broadcaster and retired hockey star Cassie Campbell-Pascall joins us to discuss her successful career, retirement struggles, transition into TV, and when she thinks a sustainable women's league can get started (hint: soon!). She will talk about her involvement with the WNT, bringing back "that gold medal feeling," working amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and women's situation in the field of broadcasting.

If you're a fan of women's hockey or want to become a part of it, this episode is for you.

Three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

1. Discover Cassie's incredible journey on captaining Canada's Women's National Team to 21 medals.

2. Learn how she dealt with retirement as an athlete and how she transitioned into being a sports broadcaster.

3. Cassie will share her thoughts on when a women's league will happen and why she believes the future is bright for women in sports.


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Episode Highlights:

Cassie's Start in Hockey

  • Cassie's brother played hockey. Although she started as a figure skater, she convinced her parents to allow her to try hockey.

  • She considered herself fortunate to have supportive parents in her journey of becoming a hockey player.

  • Cassie eventually got into the Brampton Canadettes Girls Hockey Association, which is the most prominent hockey organization for women at the time.

Olympic Success and Recognition for Women's Hockey

  • Cassie won 21 medals for Canada's National Women's Team, including two gold medals and a silver in the Olympics.

  • At first, she was very hesitant to be put into a prominent role in the Olympic movement.

  • PWHPA (Professional Women's Hockey Players Association) strives to establish a professional sports league for women's hockey.

  • For Cassie, WNHL (Women's National Hockey League) is going to happen soon. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has set them behind, the excitement around women's hockey is undeniable.

Being a Mentor for Team Canada and Paving the Way for Women in the Sport

  • Cassie continues to be involved with the sport by mentoring Team Canada for international competitions.

  • She wants to bring back that "gold medal feeling to the team," which she thinks has been missing for quite some time.

  • Cassie credits her teammates and the women that played before her in paving the way for the further recognition of women's hockey.

Cassie's Struggles and Proudest Moment in her Career

  • Cassie struggled to balance the game and people's expectations for her as a leader of the team.

  • To find the balance between her career and happiness, she moved away from Toronto --- a place she considered the mecca of marketing and events. It helped her to train and focus on hockey.

  • Cassie felt the proudest in her post-career, transitioning from being an athlete to a broadcaster.

  • Retiring from the sport wasn't easy for her, but being a broadcaster allows Cassie to be involved in hockey and continue to contribute to the women's game behind the scenes.

  • Cassie advised athletes to take a break before transitioning into a new career when they retire.

Cassie's Broadcasting Career, Women in Sports Broadcasting, and Working Amid a Global Pandemic

  • Behind the scenes, women are more involved in sports broadcasting than many would assume.

  • Cassie feels her male colleagues are not exempt from the same criticisms women broadcasters face.

  • She particularly commends her station for bringing in diversity in the workplace. For her, it made the broadcast better because it entertains different perspectives.

  • Cassie continues to be optimistic about the future of women in hockey and sports broadcasting.

  • The pandemic allowed Cassie to work from home and spend time with her family.

The Future for Women in Hockey

  • Cassie feels satisfied with her broadcasting career now and doesn't want to pursue a scouting career yet.

  • She wants to see more equality and diversity in sports organizations as it helps seeing things from different perspectives, thus creating better decisions.

  • Listen to the full episode to hear Cassie's answers to rapid-fire questions such as the favorite person she met through sports, what she would be doing if she wasn't an athlete or broadcaster, and the one thing people might not know about her.

5 Powerful Quotes

"The old feminist way was 'I am woman hear me roar,' and I think the new feminist way is 'I am woman and I'm going to get the job done.' And it's not that the old generation didn't get it done, that's not what I'm saying at all… I'm just saying it's a different attitude."

"I wanted to have an impact and to make a difference, and so that's kind of my mentality. Don't sit back and watch things slide, just step up and see what you can do to help."

"That was one thing that I thought was really special about my generation in particular, is that we all push for things together. And that's the way we always handle it."

"What people don't understand about equality is that it's not about having the token man, or the token woman, or the token race, or whatever. It's about having different ideas within your organization, and people who come from different perspectives."

"The more equality you have in your organization, the better decisions your organization is going to make. That's because you're bringing people with different perspectives, based on gender, based on raceall those types of things. And so I think we're going to start to see big changes here. I really, really believe that."

About Cassie

Cassie is one of Canada's most accomplished players, having won 21 medals with Canada's National Women's Hockey Team, 17 of which are gold. She's also the only captainmale or femaleto lead her team to two Olympic Golds.

Since hanging up her skates, Cassie has become one of Canada's most famous female sports broadcasters. Most recently, she is a regular panelist on Hockey Night in Canada throughout the 2020 season and playoffs.

If you want to connect to Cassie, you can visit her website, Twitter, or Instagram page.

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