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Episode 23: Cassie Sharpe

Cassie Sharpe talks success, injury, and why she no longer pay attention to what the media says about her

Today, freestyle skiing halfpipe Olympic Gold medallist Cassie Sharpe gets raw and real with Christina on #OTP about the toll her Olympic success took on her, and how she learned to use her voice when it came to injuries.

Cassie was the first Canadian woman to medal in the ski halfpipe event after solidifying gold at the Pyeongchang Olympics. And while she went to the games knowing she had a good chance of winning, she wasn’t fully ready for what came after. Today, Cassie shares how she handled the whirl-wind of becoming an Olympic champ, and the emotional rollercoaster ride that followed.

Cassie grew up skiing with the boys, which she says helped mold her into the athlete she is today. But she’s had to face her fair share of adversity along the way: from dealing with what was said about her in the media, to injuries. In today’s episode, Cassie explains the toll both took on her, but how it ultimately taught her how to use her voice to protect herself.

Cassie also shares what it’s like to drop in on the halfpipe (and hit the edge), why she has a honey badger figurine, and the article that fueled her fire to prove she’s one of the best in her sport.

Episode topics:

· The pressures of being an Olympic gold medallist

· Fighting to have her voice heard re: injury

· The impact the media has on an athlete

· Her other passion off the slopes

· The COVID-19 effect


“There’s so many athletes that go into a crazy depression after the Olympics, and I can completely understand it, because it’s just so, so much. Your whole being is like, working towards this one moment, and then it’s gone.”

-Cassie Sharpe


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