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Episode 22: Jeanelle Hazlett

Ultra-runner Jeanelle Hazlett talks chasing down FKTs (fastest known times)

Today, ultra-runner Jeanelle Hazlett joins Opening the Playbook to discuss her love of trail running and passion for chasing fastest known times.

Jeanelle has made a name for herself by chasing and breaking FKTs. She says it started a few years back when she became more self-competitive and loved the idea of going out and challenging herself. So what exactly does chasing a FKT involve? For Jeanelle, it means running up and down a mountain as fast as possible. So far, she holds four FKTs, including one on BC’s Mount Brunswick (see link below – it’s insane!).

But if all of that isn’t enough, she also recently completed double Everest vertical during the Run Steep Get High challenge in just one week. For Jeanelle, it’s all about setting goals to create structure and motivation, and encourages others to do the same.

In today’s episode, Jeanelle shares a few of her goals, explains the strategy she uses when she goes for a FKT, offers up tips to those who are interested in chasing them, and talks about the growing shift and awareness currently happening for women in sports.

Episode topics:

· Chasing & breaking FKTs (fastest known times

· Completing double Everest vertical during the Run Steep Get High Challenge

· Goal setting

· How she stays motivated through tough runs

· Tips for beginners and those looking to chase FKTs


“To be able to challenge yourself and hold pace and hold intensity on a route without any responsibility to a proper race setting or your other competitors, it has this really different element of accomplishment, because it’s really you against your own drive.”

-Jeanelle Hazlett


Guest Info – Jeanelle Hazlett

Instagram: @jeanelle.haz



Facebook: Jeanelle Hazlett

FKT on Mount Brunsiwck - https://youtu.be/Gu-LwAf-B5g

Vertical Challenge - https://youtu.be/1_CG7U5b5FI

Transgrancanaria - https://www.instagram.com/p/B9jPJmBHuCp/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet

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