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Episode 18: Sarah Nurse

Canada’s National Women’s Hockey Team forward Sarah Nurse talks the Olympics, equality & diversity, and what’s it like to be part of such a successful sports family

Today, hockey player Sarah Nurse shares what it’s like to be part of the Women’s National Team, talks about the fight of the PWHPA, and discusses the Black Lives Matter movement.

Sarah has been lacing up her skates for as long as she can remember. Her passion for the sport took her to the University of Wisconsin, where she played as a Badger, and then earned her a spot on the Canadian Senior National Team. It was with that team that she was an Olympic Silver Medal at the 2018 PyeongChang Games.

But there’s so much more to Sarah than just hockey. She is a strong advocate for equality and diversity, and even recently became a board member on the Professional Women’s Hockey Players Association after pointing out the lack of race. In today’s episode, she explains why it was important for her to do that, and what needs to be done for a women’s league to work long-term.

Sarah also shares her experience with being singled out due to her race, or being the only girl on the ice, and gives advice on how to handle situations like that. She also discusses the Black Lives Matter movement in-depth, and tells us what she’d like to see changed, now.

Sarah is super motivational, and passionate about what she has to preach, and will teach you a lot in this episode. She also shares the importance of mental performance, including why she celebrates the little things, what she’s ambitious for, and talks about the support she gives and receives from her equally athletic cousins (Darnell Nurse & Kia Nurse).

We also talk about:

· Her journey to the Canadian Women’s National Team


· Equality & diversity

· Changing hockey from a “white sport” to an inclusive sport

· Her famous sports family and how they keep each other grounded


“Right now, there are so many inequalities in hockey, the racial inequality has obviously been highlighted over the last few months, but we have a huge gender inequality as well, the fact that we’re fighting for a place to play as women, is a little bit crazy in 2020. So, I think in order for our game to grow and reach new communities, we need to do this. Because right now I don’t think it’s a very open and inclusive space, and we need

to create a welcoming environment so that everyone in Canada, United States, around the world, wants to play hockey and has the opportunity to.”

-Sarah Nurse


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