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Episode 13: Sarah Wells

Olympian and motivational speaker Sarah Wells on overcoming the odds, the power of self-belief and how she turned her most broken moment into a success

Today, Olympic hurdler and motivational speaker Sarah Wells joins the podcast to discuss overcoming the odds, her Olympic journey and how she turned the end of one career into the beginning of another.

Sarah knows a thing or two about self-belief, going from being cut from every team she tried out for in high school, to one of the best hurdlers in Canada. Along the way, she became a 4x National Champion, a Pan Am Games Silver Medallist and an Olympic semi-finalist. But she not only talks about her accomplishments, but her struggles with injuries as well. One of those injuries took her to the end of her career, and while that would be a frustrating and confusing time for most, Sarah accepted the challenge with open arms and turned it into a wildly successful program: The Believe Initiative.

Today Sarah shares the nitty gritty about what it takes to be an Olympic athlete – and having it all taken away just as fast, how she switched her career - all while questioning everything she believed, and what she thinks is the biggest thing that needs to change for women in sport.

We also talk about:

· The power of self-belief

· Overcoming injury

· Her 2012 Olympic experience

· Meeting Kobe Bryant

· How the end of one career turned into the beginning of another


“You need to find someone to show you what’s possible. They (little girls) can’t dream about being a WNBA star if they’re barley seeing it on tv…because then, why would you think that’s possible because you’ve never seen anyone do it, and we need those role models to be present. We need more coverage and people speaking out about their experience.”

- Sarah Wells, Olympian & Motivational Speaker


Guest Info – Sarah Wells

Instagram: @sarahwells400mh

Twitter: @sarahwells400mh

Leadership Launch Program: www.leadershiplaunchprogram.com/info

The Believe Initiative: https://www.believeinitiative.com

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Instagram: @tinaheydanus

Twitter: @tinaheydanus

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