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Episode 11: Tasha Wodak

Olympian Natasha Wodak on breaking records, body image and becoming lululemon’s newest ambassador

Today, elite long-distance runner and Olympian Natasha Wodak joins the podcast to discuss breaking records, body image and what she thinks is the number one thing that needs to change for women in sport.

At 38, Natasha has had a storied career as a long-distance runner: she’s competed for Canada at the 2016 Rio Olympics, won a gold medal in the 10,000m at the 2019 Pan American Games, and most recently, became the first Canadian woman ever to complete a half marathon in under 70 minutes. For that, Natasha said it was all about using other women’s accomplishments as motivation, and today, she shares her tip for exactly that.

But her career hasn’t all been smooth sailing. On today’s episode, Natasha discusses one of the toughest moments of her career and how she able to fight through it. She also talks about her struggle with body image and how she has found a way to be happy and healthy and still eat what she loves.

Natasha also explores her latest opportunity of becoming one of lululemon’s newest ambassadors, potentially qualifying for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and why she feels more women need to step up and support women’s sports.

We also talk about:

• Tokyo Olympics • Age & Training

• Body image and mind-frame about food

• Breaking the Canadian half marathon record

• Being an inspiration to others


“The reality is women aren’t supporting women, women aren’t watching other women’s sports. If we’re not going to go and watch a women’s soccer game and fill the stands, where’s the money going to come from? I guarantee every woman is going to say my dad or brother has gotten together with his friends way more often to watch or go to a sporting game, so we need to be supporting each other and going to these games.”

- Natasha Wodak, Olympian and Elite Long-Distance Runner


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