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Episode 2: Cynthia Gauthier

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Monster Truck Driver Cynthia Gauthier on the Power that Comes from Being in Control

Today Monster Truck driver Cynthia Gauthier joins the podcast where she talks about pursuing her passion, being an adrenaline junkie, and what it’s like to drive a 12 000 pound machine.

After years of racing motocross and short course buggies, Cynthia joined the Monster Truck family in 2015, and she hasn’t taken her foot off the gas since. She won the first Monster Jam World Finals high jump competition and has successfully landed numerous back flips during competition. And if that’s not enough, she’s a welder on the side, and personally knows The Rock, after competing on NBC’s Titan Games.

She’s the face of female drivers on the Monster Jam circuit, as she’s one of just a few on tour, and in today’s episode she talks about the pressures that go along with that, supporting other female athletes and what it’s like to compete on an even playing field with men.

We also talk about:

• Feeling empowered at work • The importance of pursuing your passion • NBC’s Titan Games

• Fitness

• Being a role model for young girls and women


“What I like so much about that sport is that when you put that helmet on, it’s guy against girl at the same level. We’re not separate heats, we race against each other, we all want to win, so I really like it. The girls are doing amazing.”

– Cynthia Gauthier, Monster Truck driver


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